Computer Vision transforms not only cities but also PA Governance in an innovative way. Specifically, we are talking about intelligent video analysis systems connected to video surveillance devices.

Today, in fact, video surveillance can be supported by innovations such as Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence that make it possible to analyze large video streams automatically and in real time. We are no longer talking about simple video cameras that passively record what happens in a given space, but about innovative devices that analyze and transform data into useful information for urban safety.

Among the most common applications we find:

  • Traffic monitoring through license plate reading systems and vehicle and people counting systems;
  • Crime reduction and prevention;
  • Support for investigation activities thanks to the recognition of scenarios and wanted people;
  • Risk prevention in the workplace.

The great advantage lies in the fact that this technology can also be used in a predictive key, identifying risk scenarios and sending alerts for prompt intervention before emergency situations occur.


Recovery of cameras already in use

Many municipalities already have surveillance cameras. This could be an obstacle when thinking about replacing old devices by investing in “smart” cameras. However, there is an excellent compromise which consists in keeping the “old” cameras and investing in software that analyzes the video streams of multiple devices at the same time. In this way the innovation costs will be lower, while still obtaining an excellent result.

Intelligent video analysis software is an excellent opportunity to make urban centers safer and offer an important help to the Governance of those PAs that want to open up to innovation for the well-being of citizens.


Solutions by DRIVE2DATA

Drive2Data offers Intelligent Video Analysis software solutions tailored to customer needs.  This is because he strongly believes that it is not human work that must adapt to technology, but that it must be the latter that must be designed and optimized for human needs. The solutions can also be integrated into devices already in use for video surveillance and that do not have integrated Artificial Intelligence.

The strong flexibility and customization of Drive2Data solutions are possible thanks to their Neural Model Factory. Here a constant study of neural network models takes place, an essential step to develop an Artificial Intelligence that can satisfy the different needs of the customer by extrapolating from any type of data (textual, visual and audio) information that is transformed into value.

Thanks to Drive2Data software solutions for intelligent video analysis, it is possible to integrate the following functions into video surveillance devices:

  • License plate recognition
  • Object and vehicle recognition
  • People recognition
  • Recognition of scenarios
  • Face analysis for the prediction of age, gender, emotion
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