There is a correlation between our increasingly digitalized daily life and the development of semantic technologies in the field of Security . Going beyond the dream, we realize how today Machine Learning systems can represent an indispensable tool for public and private security operators, not only to classify, but also to correlate images, sounds and words in an increasingly accurate way. Let’s talk about GeoCyber in the Security field, enabled by Semantic Recognition, Audio Recognition & Video Recognition technologies.


Semantics and NLP

Let’s start with two brief definitions that help us to better focus on what we are dealing with:

  1. Semantics is that branch of linguistics that deals with studying the meaning of the words and utterances of a language.
  2. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) which we have already talked about in the article “Natural Language Processing: Tasks, Applications and Sentiment Analysis” is the branch of Artificial Intelligence which is concerned with making human (or natural) language understandable to a computer. To take a trivial example: customer service chatbots .

So, to capture the meaning of semantic data and turn it into valuable information , we use Natural Language Processing. The recognition of the entities is given by a classification of the parts of the text through the assignment of tags. The categories can be varied such as places , companies , personal names , etc.

An increasingly common use is that of extracting information from governance documents, such as reports and procedures, to allow for quick consultation.


GeoCyber & Security

The GeoCyber solutions developed by Drive2Data in the Security & Investigation field , are the result of over twenty years of experience in the processing of semantic and territorial data, combined with the latest innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Neuronal Models and NLP.


Security breach tracking: Drive2Data’s solutions

Thanks to Drive2Data’s cutting-edge technology, it is possible to track criminal activity and breaches and gather useful information for investigations.

The true innovative strength of GeoCyber lies in the union of different technologies which, starting from the analysis of large amounts of heterogeneous data, automatically create classifications and correlations between them, offering security operators an unprecedented added value.


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