Artificial intelligence is bound to change the future of marketing in many areas and in various ways.

The number of companies using AI has grown by more than 270% in the last four years and the global market is expected to reach 267 billion of dollars by 2027 (Source: Oberlo). With new technological tools, marketing teams will be able to automate some complex tasks and ensure the success of advertising campaigns.

In particular, we decided to explore 5 ways in which AI will influence marketing strategies:

1. Predictive analytics as a basis for effective strategies

Predictive analytics involves using data, artificial intelligence algorithms, and machine learning techniques to make probable predictions on historical data. The goal is to get to have a better assessment of what will happen in the future.

This type of analysis provides input to determine user behaviour so that companies can evaluate and choose the most effective strategies. In fact, AI technologies can analyse huge amounts of data and find ways to improve results and increase profits.

With predictive analytics, you can increase business performance by:

  • determine what is going well on the website or other social platforms (via Sentiment Analysis, read more HERE)
  • understanding user engagement on ongoing promotional activities
  • Improve the entire Lead Generation process
  • collect detailed information about what competitors do
  • Predicting customer buying behaviours and Customer Journey

2. Create content that fits your target audience

In recent years a new field of application of AI, known as Content Intelligence, has developed, which consists in the use of artificial intelligence systems to obtain the maximum benefit from digital content. This discipline has great potential and ensures that companies can improve their marketing strategies, increasing their Brand Awareness and customers conversions.

One of the great advantages of Content Intelligence is to be able to store the visit path made by the user within a website, thus avoiding to present information that has already been viewed.

With this technique the entire process of creating content becomes smarter and you can:

  • create posts optimized for all social media
  • write content based on the collected data to achieve better positioning
  • Quickly conduct searches for most used keywords
  • increase conversions by creating the best Call To Action

3. Recommending the right products at the right time

Recent research has shown that 80% of users are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences and product recommendations.

The recommendation on what to buy is becoming a fundamental element, especially in E-Commerce, and AI is a great ally to increase business performance. Through Machine Learning algorithms, Marketing Specialists have the opportunity to make predictions and evaluate which products customers will buy by providing personalized advice based on the behaviours and preferences of each.

The goal is to make the user’s navigation and the whole process of conviction easier and rewarding, adding value without distracting from the initial purchase intention.

The integration between AI and product recommendation engine allows:

  • to make relevant and actionable suggestions to lead to a transaction
  • to build more engaging recommendations
  • to understand the user’s purchase path in order to set future marketing strategies

4. High Quality Customer Service

AI-based chatbots can be integrated into websites to instantly simplify the customer service experience.

In addition to answering the most common questions, they can welcome customers, provide operational procedures for troubleshooting, guide them through basic business processes, and prioritize more complex inputs. Even when staff members are unavailable, a chatbot can work 24 hours a day to meet the needs of online visitors.

There are many advantages to using AI to improve customer service quality, including:

  • better understand customer issues to intervene promptly in recurring situations
  • make real-time decisions based on the data collected
  • Increase engagement through rapid communication
  • create a more direct relationship with your customers by increasing your business reputation

5. The relevance of Voice Search

Voice search is a tool that has rapidly spread in recent years. It is used to perform different actions and get information without having to type on your mobile phone or on your pc keyboard. Voice Search must be integrated into digital marketing strategies and currently represents a great opportunity to increase revenue.

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning research, voice research has improved in terms of accuracy. Today, voice assistants are able to respond in a fluid way, imitating natural language. They also keep track of user habits and behaviours by learning from experience and delivering more accurate feedback.

Marketers should also consider Voice Search Optimization (VSO), an activity that improves the content of voice assistant responses. This is an extension of SEO with the goal of getting a good ranking.

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