The relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Protection is now well established and destined to become increasingly symbiotic.

Cyber Intelligence tools take full advantage of machine learning and deep learning technologies for various purposes, from malware analysis to system management to detect them.

The fields of application of AI in the field of Cyber Protection are very wide and their development is leading to profound changes with consequent innovations throughout the market.

The strategic role of data to reduce cyber attacks

Cyber Threat Intelligence, the collection of information related to criminal activities related to the Cyber world, requires the commitment in first person of highly competent personnel and skilled in infiltrating the most remote areas of the web.

A considerable help in these investigation activities is carried out by Artificial Intelligence technologies, tools able to collect and analyse online content – including those not commonly reachable (the so-called Dark Web) – identifying the most relevant information and any evidence of criminal activity.

These tools are also very useful in the vulnerability testing of computer systems by security experts (also called Ethical Hackers), to verify how difficult it is to have access to a company’s sensitive data or employees’ personal data.

The study of the data collected during these different types of analysis allows you to discover vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks.

AI e Machine Learning vs Cyber Attack

Cyber Protection techniques are evolving very quickly and strategies to prevent attacks require continuous updates, especially on the protection of corporate assets.

It is essential to adopt new and more sophisticated and performing technological tools to react to the progressive professionalization of cyber criminals. The latter use complex techniques and can count on a real “Cyber Crime Organization” with affiliations, collaborations and partnerships. In addition, getting hacking tools and accessing sensitive information has become easier than ever before.

ML and AI are strategic allies to face the most advanced cyber-attacks, such as those connected to groups of hackers expert in industrial espionage acting for the purpose of extortion. The goal of these hackers is to infiltrate the corporate network using malware and intrusion tools. Artificial intelligence is able to identify these activities, in particular those of “lateral movement” to the entire system and then quickly block them.

New technologies for Cyber safety

In addition to data and their monitoring, it is essential to use new technological tools that can minimize cyber risk.

The latest frontier in this field is the use of increasingly sophisticated tools based on Computer Vision, Audio Recognition and Biometrics to be combined with traditional protections to make them safer and difficult to circumvent.

These cutting-edge technologies are also used in device control, self-service and security applications

There are many advantages to this, including:

  • Efficiency: Process automation is achieved resulting in time savings
  • Ease: Completing a task is done more easily through voice commands
  • Customization: allow a customized service
  • Speed: Intelligent technologies are very fast and allow you to perform operations in seconds
  • Accessibility: they have a strong impact on the inclusivity of people, especially for protected categories and disabilities

At Drive2Data we believe that technology can make the world safer and more sustainable, which is why we decided to invest and develop innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Protecting your personal data from malicious intentions is the primary goal of our work.

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